Club drivers

The club is always in need of people to drive on trips, to ferry people to bunkhouses, and to and from walks; if we don't have enough drivers, we have to cut back on where we go and we wouldn't want that to happen. Anyone who drives for the club receives a discount of £15 for a weekend trip or £5 for a day trip, as well as having all of their fuel costs covered, so there's a good incentive to do it!

All you need to be eligible is:

  1. You must have your own insured, road legal car, serviced within the past 12 months.
  2. A maximum of 3 points on your licence.

If that's you, then please follow the steps below to register as a driver. You only need to register once in order to drive for the club; you do not need to register for each trip you drive for.


Registering as a driver

Step 1: Documents

To begin, please make sure you have scans of the following:

  1. Driving licence.
  2. Car Insurance Certificate.
  3. MOT Certificate (if relevant).
  4. Proof of a service within the last 12 months.

Step 2: Register

Once you have your documents, visit this page and fill out the form. You should receive an email confirming you as a registered driver with the union.

If your insurance / MOT run out during the academic year, you must bring the new documents for verification as soon as possible.

Also, you are advised to notify your insurers that you may be taking passengers on LSU-related activities; failure to inform them in advance may negate any claim you submit as a result of an accident (whether or not it is your fault).

If you need more help with this step, please contact (Term time only).

Step 3: Confirm with us that you are a club driver

After you have registered with the union, please visit your profile and check the box next to "Drive my own car for the club".

Please note that if, for any reason, you cannot drive for the club you should uncheck this box ASAP. This lets us know how many drivers we have for our trips, helping us make our trips as organised as possible.

How do I claim my fuel back

You can claim for your fuel via one of the following apps: eXchequer356 or eXpense365 which are available on all Apple devices, android devices, and Windows desktop (7-10). Click the image to the right to view all of the download options.

To claim, you must first create an account using your email address, then make a claim. It shouldn't take too long to figure it out, as it is quite intuitive. Please make sure that when you make a claim, you ask for Freya Pryce to confirm your claim. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.

The last thing of note is that when you make a fuel claim, can you please write an estimated number of miles that you have driven on top of the receipt. This is to help with the Union's accounting.

Also, all current claims can be completed using the current method by submiting an expenses claim form, but only if you do not have access to the eXchequer356 or eXpense365 apps.