Committee 2018 - 2019

These are the people that run your club! The committee is split into several different roles for each aspect of the club and its events. In practice the roles are blurred and committee get stuck into everything! Committee members are elected at our yearly AGM in February. From then onwards, the new and old committee members work together until the end of the spring term.

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Chair: Alessa Voigt


Likes: Hiking, Cycling, Swimming, Shooting... Basically anything outside.
Dislikes: The widespread myth that a waterproof jacket keeps rain out.
Favourite Beverage: Guinness is the elixir of life!
Favourite Trip: All organised by Katie and me.
Favourite Social: Pancake (and waffle) Social.
Favourite HC Memory: Seeing my first shooting star in the Yorkshire Dales.
Favourite Ice Cream: Why choose? Have them all!
Favourite Tree: Weeping Willow.

Responsible for: Keeping the committee happy and on track, and liaising with the union.

Secretary: Maddie Ryan Tucker


Likes: Chocolate, Cake, my George Foreman grill, and little green ghouls.
Favourite HC Memory: General pub club fun.
Favourite Trip: No comment
Favourite Social: Punch parties
Favourite tree: Spruce.
Favourite Animal: Dogs

Responsible for: Taking minutes and admin stuff.

Webmaster: Matthew Smith


Likes: Videogames, hikes, quiet pubs, baking and physics
Dislikes: English bread
Favorite Beverage: Good red wine
Favorite HC Memory: Going along ridges in Scotland
Favorite Trip: Scotland
Favorite Social: Regular pub club
Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry-Lemon combo

Responsible for: Maintaining this site, the union site, and the mailing lists.

Trip Secretary: Thomas Griffiths

Responsible for: Booking bunkbarns, recruiting drivers and planning routes.

Event Secretary

Name: Thomas Griffiths
Likes: Hiking, woodworking, and the music of Kanye West
Dislikes: Unelected bureaucrats
Favourite Beverage: A cool pint of lager
Favourite Trip:The perilous ascent of the mighty Beacon Hill
Favourite HC Memory: Semester One whiteboard social
Favourite Ice Cream: That's a very personal question
Favourite Tree: The humble pine tree
Responsible for: Delegating to George


Name: George Bakewell-Smith
Likes: Hiking, Pizza and The Beatles
Favourite HC memory: Snowdonia 2018
Favourite TV show: Mrs Brown's Boys
Favourite Ice Cream: Salted Caramel
Responsible For: Organising trips & transport, not getting lost

Kit Secretary: Nhyoumila Tuladhar


Nicknames: Nim, Nuni, New, Nutella, Nymph etc
Likes: Binge watching shows and hugs
Loves: Unicorns, glitter and nice things
Dislikes: When people believe unicorns aren't real because I don't need that kind of negativity in my life
Favourite TV show: Gossip girl and black mirror
Favorite colour: Rainbow jk... it's purple and black (like my soul)
Favourite unicorn: you can't have a favorite unicorn. They're all so beautiful ❤

Responsible for: Looking after club kit and ordering our food.

Treasurer: Freya Pryce


Name: Freya Nancy Pryce with a y not an i
Likes: Dancing with too much enthusiasm, lying down, rainbow jumpers and colourful clothes, buying books and never reading them, the colour bright yellow, counting all the dollar
Dislikes: Emma and sliders (with a passion)
Favourite tree: I do like a good birch tree
Favourite TV show: any good BBC crime drama and Gilmore Girls
Favourite HC memory: drinking too much of the free wine at the Christmas meal and filling a washing up bowl with sick multiple times.
Favourite ice cream: Ben and Jerrys topped salted caramel brownie, it pleases my soul greatly

Responsible for: keeping the club from going into crippling debt

Publicity: Tom Collis

Pub Sec

Nicknames: TC/Thomas/Tomato Cauliflower
Likes: Classical architecture, drawing, Hiking, apples, politics, Shloer, shiny things, sunsets, British summers, OMAM, Hard sci-fi, Power Point CAD, Nordic jumpers, aviators, breadstick cigars
Dislikes: Winter, Obnoxious photos
Favourite trip: Shropshire (thus far)
Favourite HC memory: Finding a rams skull, bones and a wire stretcher around a used campfire in the lake district.
Favourite beverage: Milkshake and lemonade (not together)
Favourite ice cream: Cadwalader vanilla with coloured sprinkles and a fudge stick
Favourite Tree: I don't really talk to them.

Responsible for: Promoting the club, compiling our newsletter, club stash, designing hoodies apparently, locating and acquiring 'the rope', and sending the webmaster my committee profile.

Social Secretary: Emma Lloyd

Social Sec's

Nicknames: Emma the legend/ Em/ Emmzy/ HOT SPICE
Likes: Creme eggs, dancing to Beyoncé, being arty, glitter and pink things, hikes (but only when they end or preferably begin with pubs with nice fire places and good food), the incredibly witty fake profile the rest of committee came up with
Dislikes: Hannaan's beard, peas
Favourite beverage: Pimms Lemonade is about as much as I can handle
Favourite trip: Does the Easter egg hunt on Beacon Hill count?
Favourite HC memory: When Hannaan, Alex and I delayed the coach home from Kinder Scout because we insisted on having a pub lunch.
Favourite ice cream: Ben and Jerry's Phish Food
Favourite Tree: Silver Birch

Responsible for: Making sure everyone gets to know each other. Organising nights out, day trips, club meals and loads of socials!