Committee 2019 - 2020

These are the people that run your club! The committee is split into several different roles for each aspect of the club and its events. In practice the roles are blurred and committee get stuck into everything! Committee members are elected at our yearly AGM in February. From then onwards, the new and old committee members work together until the end of the spring term.

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Chair: Callum Hatzel


Likes: F1, Twenty One Pilots, 2019 Six Nations Results, singing Oh Flower of Scotland at 6am
Favourite Social: Punch party (from what I remember)
Favourite HC Memory: Getting stabbed in the back by my wife after trying to save his life
Responsible For: Whipping and poking committee

Responsible for: Keeping the committee happy and on track, and liaising with the union.

Secretary: Maddie Ryan Tucker


Likes: Chocolate, cooking friends, Friends the TV show, walking other people's dogs
Favourite HC Memory: Scotland 2017
Dislikes: not having a dog

Responsible for: Taking minutes and admin stuff.

Webmaster: Ben Garratley


Likes: Videogames, Basketball, Hikes, Alexs Fiat Panda
Dislikes: Ben Gunns Fiat Panda
Favorite Beverage: Capri-Sun or J20
Favorite HC Memory: Michael ending up being trapped in a bog
Favorite Trip: Lake District
Favorite Social: Regular pub club
Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate

Responsible for: Maintaining this site, the union site, and the mailing lists.

Trip Secretary: Tom Jobbins and Anthony Gillard

Responsible for: Booking bunkbarns, recruiting drivers and planning routes.

Event Secretary

Name: Tom Jobbins
Likes: Crippling depression, McDonalds, Unicorns
Favourite HC Memory: Yes
Favourite TV Show: Naked Attraction, Ru Pauls Drag Race, Eastenders
Responsible for: Keeping Himself Alive


Name: Anthony Gillard
Likes: Long Distance Walks, Ed Stafford, Pub
Favourite HC memory: Lakes 2018
Favourite TV show: Marooned, Old Top Gear
Responsible For: Keeping Everyone Alive

Kit Secretary: Ollie Grant


Nicknames: Alpha Ollie
Description: I am your new trip sec and will make best endeavours to keep the kit safe.I like Taylor Swift and trains and study Engineering like most here. Please come to me for any queries with the kit

Responsible for: Looking after club kit and ordering our food.

Treasurer: Stephen Westcott


Name: Stephen Westcott, aka Robin
Likes: Hiking, Gym, Eating Food, Marvel Films
Favourite TV Show: Peep Show
Go To Drink: Jack Daniels Honey and Coke
Favourite Trip: Lake District
Favourite HC memory: Walking and Sliding in the Snow in the Lake District

Responsible for: keeping the club from going into crippling debt

Publicity: Tom Collis

Pub Sec

Nicknames: TC/Thomas/Tomato Cauliflower
Likes: Classical architecture, drawing, Hiking, apples, politics, Shloer, shiny things, sunsets, British summers, OMAM, Hard sci-fi, Power Point CAD, Nordic jumpers, aviators, breadstick cigars
Dislikes: Winter, Obnoxious photos
Favourite trip: Shropshire (thus far)
Favourite HC memory: Finding a rams skull, bones and a wire stretcher around a used campfire in the lake district.
Favourite beverage: Milkshake and lemonade (not together)
Favourite ice cream: Cadwalader vanilla with coloured sprinkles and a fudge stick
Favourite Tree: I don't really talk to them.

Responsible for: Promoting the club, compiling our newsletter, club stash, designing hoodies apparently, locating and acquiring 'the rope', and sending the webmaster my committee profile.

Social Secretary: Ben Gunn and Lily Draper

Responsible for: Booking bunkbarns, recruiting drivers and planning routes.

Event Secretary

Name: Ben Gunn/Old Spice
Likes: Eating crackers and apple sauce from the jar on a boat, sailing into the sunset.
Dislikes: People that hog the middle lane on the motorway
Favourite beverage: water,Pepsi max,tango.
Favourite trip: Any weekend trip
Favourite HC memory: The time we jumped on the roof of our cars, any time I bake a crumble with Rob, the time we spent the night in the car, the time we slid down the side of the snowy hill, many great pub clubs. Others too
Favourite ice cream: Lime cheesecake
Favourite Tree: Monkey Puzzle


Name: Lily Draper
Likes: to have her tummy tickled, ABBA puns
Favourite HC memory: Callum after he has written this probably
Favourite Beverage: tears of the innocent
Favourite HC memory: Arguing with Callum about the rules of Mafia in total silence with lots of gesticulating despite him having never played before
Responsible For: Organising Social Events