Scotland - Cancelled :(

YAY! Scotland!
We will be visiting the cairngorms for 5 nights/6 days. Don't let the 5 Boot rating put you off as there will be a mixture of easy and hard routes and activities available each day, but this is certainly the gnarliest (and most fun) trip of the year.

The deposit is 50


Contact Tom Jobbins and Anthony Gillard for more information & bookings
DateMon, 20th Apr 2020 - Sat, 25th Apr 2020
Cancellation reason:Coronavirus Pandemic
Weather3 day regional forecast
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Confirmed booking list

  • Jeremy Akhavi
  • Matthew Bailey
  • Ben Garratley
  • Ben Gunn
  • Thomas Jobbins
  • Oliver Lee
  • Callum McBryde
  • Frances Stephens

Provisional booking list

  • George Bakewell-Smith
  • Sara Cathcart
  • Lea Fritz
  • Anthony Gillard
  • Katie Greene
  • Alexander Greenwood
  • Callum Hatzel
  • Robot Poone


  • Lily Draper
  • Ben Gunn
  • Callum Hatzel
  • Robot Poone
  • Frances Stephens

Thought you were booked on this event, but your name is listed as provisional? Please check your bookings page for full details.