Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a novice hiker, what trips should I go on?
Check out the hike rating system, shown on the booking form and the website. The more boots shown for each event, the more difficult the hike and the longer the route. Don't worry about it being too hard, all of our trips will offer hikes to suit all abilities whether you are new to hiking or an experienced mountaineer.

Easiest: Broadly flat terrain, with virtually no exposure. Suitable for any hiker.
Moderate: Routes involve some hills, with a little incline and exposure. Suitable for most hikers.
Intermediate: Routes involve a mix of mountainous terrain and hills. These hikes have significant incline and exposure, suitable for hikers with moderate experience.
Difficult: These hikes involve mountainous terrain, requiring climbing and scrambling. Suitable for hikers confident in their ability.
Hardcore: Hikes of this level are designed with experienced and dedicated hikers in mind. Entirely mountainous, with one hard climb, and significant climbing and scrambling. Only the most courageous of hikers should brave these hikes.

I'm a novice hiker, what do I need?
For every trip, even the Loughborough walk, you need to wear sturdy hiking boots with ankle support. No trainers. You can pick up a pair at GO Outdoors on Bishop Meadow Road for 30-40. They are a good investment! For a day walk, you'll also need the following kit: waterproofs, rucksack and warm clothes; additionally for weekend trips you'll need a sleeping bag.

How do I book?
Ideally during a booking evening, preferably with a cheque although we can take cash. Alternatively you can email us You'll need to pay before you are confirmed as to having a place on the trip.

The trip/social I wanted is fully booked
We operate a waiting list for all events if they get booked up. Let us know you want to go, and we'll try to sort something out. If we can, we'll get extra transport, or if someone else cancels you can take their place.

What transport do you use?
On day trips we usually use coaches. For weekend trips, the club has a small group of volunteer drivers to drive for the club. If you do have your own car, and could drive it for us, speak to a committee member and see further information here.

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